Buzludzha VR took part in Germany’s first VR Tech Rally

Buzludzha VR was one of the 14 projects that got selected to take part in Germany’s first VR Tech Rally and had the chance to present at re:publica and Media Convention Berlin 2017.

About the Tech Rally VR Bootcamp:

Connecting the physical community, industry, and city networks of Berlin – Startup Germany e.V., VR NOW CON, and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH have joined forces. Together these players created a new, multi-faceted program and platform called “Tech Rally: VR NOW CON” to launch the next generation of VR software and hardware realities made in the EU.

Tech Rally will bring 14 VR selectees (individuals or teams) innovating software or hardware to Berlin for a week. In Berlin, selected teams will develop their business strategies and expand their professional network in an intensive one-week accelerator program which culminates in their pitching on stage at Media Convention Berlin 2017, part of re:publica 2017.

Companies and people from all over the European Union applied with their products and services to get their ticket to Berlin. And 14 of them have finally made it. They will be weighed, they will be measured, and we will see, who will be wanting… In 7 one-on-one battles, they will figure out, who’s worth it to pitch in front of a high-level judges panel.


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  • Luke says:

    Terrific work ! Handicap: only a few people recognize “Buzludzha”, but for those (like me) having been on-site, aware of history and future opportunities, you do a superb job of premium-quality! I think Bulgaria is a land of Mystery, stuffed with “VR-Scenery”…eg. Devetashka and other Caves, Thracian tombs and settlements (Peperikon), old Fortresses like Kaleto, Kaliakra…& much more! Please keep up the good work!

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