Interview for Nova Television (english subtitles)

Hours after the presentation at the school we got invited for an interview from Nova television, the first Bulgarian commercial television network. This was a key moment for our project because this interview helped us achieve one of our main goals – to reach a high level of publicity, exposure and quickly get the attention of the respective authorities. The interview took place in Sofia, hours before we leave the country.

Prior to the interview, we presented the project with the HTC Vive to the journalist Maria Milkova and the two camera operators. They were all completely amazed by the project. Their feedback was incredibly important because the journalist Maria Milkova and the camera operators are the creators of the documentary “The Secrets of Buzludzha”. It was a documentary that we were constantly referring to during the production stage of the project, due to some really important interviews with the architect Georgi Stoilov. The journalist spent more than 45 minutes inside Buzludzha VR, this helped her to get a better understanding of what we have created and shaped her questions for the interview.

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