Meeting with architect Georgi Stoilov

Prior to our media press-conference, we went to meet with the original architect of the Buzludzha monument – the 87 years old Georgi Stoilov. We presented the project to him in the Bulgarian Academy of Architecture.

The method we chose in order to get feedback from the architect was an opportunistic interview. This is an informal conversation and interaction between the interviewer and the audience that can help gather further information.
We started by presenting the Buzludzha VR cinematic first. The 3-minute long video impressed him and touched his emotions. At first, he thought that it was an actual video, but we had to explain that it is all created from scratch in 3D software. Then we brought him for a walk through the redesigned building on a laptop and asked him for feedback.

Overall he was thrilled and extremely excited about our project. According to his words “we did better than most of the architects would ever do” and we have achieved modern and consisted visual style. The architect fully supports the fact that we replaced all of the communist symbols and slogans with the current Bulgarian symbols. He also believes that this will make many people look on the building from a completely different point – not as a communistic monument, but a multi-purpose complex with national pride and value.

Georgi Stoilov believes that the project will definitely raise awareness all around the world about the structure and could be the key to a successful restoration project. His rough estimations are that the project would cost around 7-9 million leva (3-3.5 million British pounds) to fulfil.

However, he suggested 3 small changes in the concept:

  • The pictures in the outer corridor should be covering the walls from the sideboards to the top of the wall. This will make the panoramic gallery more immersive.
  • To reduce the number of wooden textures used on the walls in the cafeteria from three to one. According to him the current combination of dark and light wood might be too distracting.
  • To change the colour of the sound panels on the walls in the main arena in order to achieve a more seamless, less contrasty look.

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