1ST JUNE 2020

See what's new in Buzludzha VR v1.1 Release

We're excited to finally launch version 1.1 of Buzludzha VR. Over the last months we've been busy implementing some highly requested features

Smooth Locomotion

This much requested feature is finally available as an optional setting! Find it in the Controls section in the Settings menu. When enabled, player gravity and player environment collisions are also turned on, so be careful when climbing up the tower!

Smooth Locomotion

Night-time on demand

Toggle between Day/Night via the button on top of the tower.

Toggle between Day / Night

Redesigned Main Menu UI

New Main Menu user interface that supports Dark Mode with transition animation when switching to night

Improved UX and New Menu UI

Save Settings

Any customisations you make in the Settings Menu are now automatically saved so you don’t have to set them up each time you launch Buzludzha VR

Overall UX / UI improvements

  • Snap turn, with customisable Snap Turn Angle
  • Crouching with Right Stick
  • Item Hold Method (“Click and hold” or “Click to grab, click to release”)
  • Subtitles now rotate to follow you
  • Pimax users can now enjoy a better spectator mode. Press Space to switch between spectator modes. Press Alt+Enter for full screen.
  • Added a Quit confirmation screen to prevent closing down the experience unintentionally

New Additions

  • added an optional setting for click/unclick to grab/ungrab stuff, for better comfort with Vive controller grip buttons
  • added fall damage effect on hard falls when using Smooth Locomotion
  • added a warning sound cue on when we approach environment bounds whilst piloting the heli
  • added a pulse sound and animation to the “Return To Museum” button
  • added an optional setting for crouching to the right-hand controller (thumbstick)
  • added player footsteps sounds
  • added player gravity (only when using Smooth Locomotion)
  • added dynamic shadow casting to the flashlight
  • added lanterns to the path leading to the Monument
  • added a button for Day/Night switch to the viewing platform on top of the tower
  • added a faint outline to the Flight Mode button to better signify when we are in Flight Mode
  • added new impact sounds for most props
  • added a remote to control the slideshow in the conference room
  • added more hidden layers to discover with the revealing flashlight
  • added blob shadow to the helicopter for better visual grounding with the landscape
  • added Dark Mode for the menu UI and the transition animation when switching to Night
  • added the settings options to the save file so now settings persist on subsequent sessions
  • added fast travel destinations unlocking. Each now needs to be unlocked by visiting it first
  • added auto rotation and distance scaling on certain voiceover subtitles for better legibility

Other Improvements

  • Buzludzha VR is now over 400mb lighter
  • improved the visibility of the voiceover button about Buzludzha’s roof by moving it onto a plinth for better visibility
  • improved the Inventory and Menu button angle auto detection
  • improved collisions of wine bottles
  • improved collisions of armchairs in the reception
  • improved collisions of bathroom sinks
  • improved collisions of the torches monument
  • improved item handling
  • improved the audio experience in and around the helicopter
  • improved the door handling mechanic
  • improved the initial loading mechanic
  • removed the helicopter sway when player is on board
  • changed the voiceover snapping point about the Tower to a button
  • changed the voiceover button about the ruby glass to a snapping point
  • changed the voiceover button about the lion to a snapping point
  • changed the voiceover button behind the reception desk to a snapping point
  • made the climbing sounds emit from the grab locations
  • made the Shipka Monument light up at night
  • made most non-environment elements dim at night (eg. teleportation arc)
  • made more items in the environment pickupable
  • made the exterior wind louder depending on altitude
  • made the inventory slots animate to better indicate which slot the held item can be dropped into
  • made the inventory open with other fingers too, not just the index finger
  • made the explorable area bigger, which is now the same size as the fly bounds
  • made the fire extinguishers pickupable and interactive. Read the instruction label on the tank for more information!
Jet Pack in VR

Bug Fixes

  • fixed the occasional distortion of the bass drop audio during the Day/Night transition
  • fixed the audio cutting off on automatic taps in the bathroom
  • fixed the elevator buttons not registering clicks when pressed with a wine gun
  • fixed the lightmap streaming issue on the Buzludzha exterior concrete plate
  • fixed an issue where apples and oranges would roll indefinitely on flat surfaces
  • fixed an issue where the shadow blobs of certain props were occasionally not showing
  • fixed an issue where fast travel to heli wouldn’t exit flight mode
  • fixed an issue where the controllers would incorrectly vibrate when touching the helicopter floor
  • fixed an issue where one piano key had a redundant audio delay
  • fixed an issue where the flashlight would sometimes not show during the initial onboarding section
  • fixed a rare crash that could occur during the initial loading screen when using an Oculus headset
  • fixed the altitude value on the heli dashboard showing incorrect reading after the initial heli arrival
  • fixed the hand not always highlighting when over a climbable ledge
  • fixed the trigger button on Vive controllers animating other fingers
  • fixed the geometry of the Buzludzha mini model in the Museum
  • general bug fixes and performance improvements
  • various art fixes and improvements

...and remember to wash your hands!

Wash your hands in VR

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