Explore the abandoned legend in VR

Step into an interactive, first-person VR experience and explore a redesigned, conceptual version of the Buzludzha monument to see what it could look like if it was ever restored. Sense the scale of the structure and feel the atmosphere of the surrounding landscape.

Reveal and discover artifacts to learn interesting facts about the controversial past of this UFO-shaped structure. Immerse yourself playing the grand piano, fly around the monument, juggle with muffins or climb the 70m high tower; Buzludzha VR has plenty to offer to keep you engaged.

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booz-woo-jah [bu:zwu:dʒɑ:]

Situated on top of a mountain over 1400 meters above sea level, the Buzludzha monument is like something out of a science fiction movie.

This UFO-shaped structure was built in the 1970s to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Bulgaria's Social Democratic party.  

After 7 difficult years of construction, the monument was officially opened to the public in August 1981. For the next 8 years, it was used as the headquarters of the communist party.

However, in November 1989 Bulgaria ceased to be a Communist State and the building was promptly closed down. After years of disuse and with no further maintenance, the abandoned structure began to quickly deteriorate and suffer from acts of vandalism.

Thanks to the building’s unusual design and unique location, it did not take long for Buzludzha to become one of Europe’s most iconic abandoned sites. It continuously attracts urban explorers from all around the world.

What people say about Buzludzha VR

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"... Buzludzha VR was a beautiful medium in which to learn about and explore this significant piece of Bulgarian history. The experience is immersive and informative from start to finish with many excellently voiced information points and translations that really make your journey through the structure in its reimagined form interesting and engaging.

The attention to detail is a testament to the passion behind this project and provides incentive to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of the structure for things to see and do."
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Steam Player
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"This is your only chance to experience the Buzludzha as it no longer exists in its original state. Top-notch graphics, it must have taken a ton of research and work to model it. Appreciate the brutalist architecture typically associated with communist states. All the history and text is narrated really well.

Plus detailed toilet interactions you'd never expect like lifting the seat, flushing, washing and drying your hands. The climbing and helicopter flying is icing on the cake."
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Steam Player
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" ...you approach the monument not only physically, but also with the right amount of historic information, from the "Big Bang" (they literally blew away the top of the mountain) to the night sky illuminating Red Star. One of the biggest selling points for AR/VR in history telling is the potential to switch between states. And Buzludzha VR makes use of that!

I have played the piano, juggled with the croissants, taken the elevator and radioed the helicopter, but next time I obviously must use the toilets, too ;-)
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Steam Player